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Nathalia Gagnon

Somatic Therapist

Nathalia is a registered art therapist specializing in somatic and integrative therapy for your mind, body and spirit. Her experiences include working with trauma, women’s health and psychedelic integration. For the past ten years, her journey as a registered art therapist has been about supporting clients recovering from trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACE).


Stress and trauma go much deeper than the physical and have an impact on our mental-emotional health. Somatic therapy is a wellness approach that supports the mind and body in healing trauma, by supporting the nervous system in recovering from symptoms of distress caused by acute or prolonged stress. Nathalia's somatic tool kit includes extensive training for more than 15 years in art psychotherapy, Yoga, Medical Qigong, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tai qi, Buddhism and Shamanism. 

Replenish your wellness with somatic therapy and holistic mental health to navigate your life with greater delight and fulfillment. She offers a holistic somatic framework for finding solutions by applying a compassionate and relationship-centred approach to support your mental-emotional health. Talk with me and begin your healing journey today by investing in finding solutions and discussing your unique needs, preferences and goals