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Raven Thunderstorm

Registered Midwife

Raven grew up in northern BC and spent most of her life prior to Midwifery supporting birthing families in some capacity or another. Her previous work has included pregnancy outreach, infant development, breastfeeding support, and many years as a Doula and Childbirth Educator. Raven is a graduate of the Midwifery program at UBC. She became a Midwife because she is passionate about supporting families and birthing people to be informed and make choices that are right for them, as well as the wondrous honour of being a part of this time in people’s lives. 

While she has felt drawn to midwifery for most of her life, she has also felt a pull
towards Vancouver Island growing over the past few years. The mountains, the people, and the proximity to the ocean, somehow ended up feeling like home to her and her family. She is considering how best to navigate her role as a settler on the unceded territory of the Lkwungen people. As she learns more she hopes to reach out and connect with Indigenous leaders, to ensure she works and lives on this land in the most respectful way possible. She is also figuring out how to best fit midwifery into her life, and working in a supported solo practice model where continuity of care can be central seems the best way to do this. Raven is excited to join Chris at Steller’s Jay Midwifery. 

Raven is a solo parent to 2 amazing children who still think Midwifery is the coolest job ever, even though it makes all their lives a little more unpredictable. Outside of midwifery Raven can be found reading a good book, digging in the dirt to try and grow things, and spending all kinds of time with her kids and her cat.

Raven Thunderstorm
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