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Helping you move and feel better

At Brix, our physiotherapists are passionate about getting to the root of your problem and helping you to move better and feel better. They listen to you, to better understand your injury history and then do a full physical assessment to help you better understand your injury and what the recovery process will require.


To ensure you realize your goals and recover from your injury, our physios will utilize an individual approach to care for each person. They will use hands-on treatment skills, including manual therapy and soft tissue techniques, to allow you to move better. They also incorporate therapeutic exercises progressing to functional exercises at the clinic and at home to help you better return to the activities or sports you love without pain.


Finally, the physios at Brix will provide background information about your injury to help you understand your injury and what the road to recovery will look like. They believe in helping their clients become stronger than they were prior to their injury, and adapting the treatments to fit their goals and lifestyle. 

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