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Biofeedback for the Pelvic Floor Muscles

Have you ever heard of biofeedback? This is a rehabilitation technique used to help clients learn how to use their muscles properly. A physiotherapist with specialized training can help you learn to find your pelvic floor muscles and learn to turn them on and off properly. The biofeedback equipment can be a great tool to help some clients learn this more successfully. When you contract your muscles, you can see the activity visually on a computer screen. When you relax your muscles, you can see that on the screen. You can even play games to help you learn!

Biofeedback for pelvic floor muscle health

Have you heard of doing a kegel for your pelvic floor muscles? Turning those muscles on (a kegel) and also turning them off effectively, can help with things like bladder control, bowel health, and sexual function. Research shows that 50% of people are doing their ‘kegels’ incorrectly, and would benefit from the supervision and coaching of a pelvic health physiotherapist.

There are many pelvic pain conditions (vulvodynia, prostatitis, vaginismus, dyspareunia) that respond really well to pelvic floor physiotherapy. Computerized biofeedback can help some clients learn to relax and soften these muscles in order to reduce discomfort and improve function.

Biofeedback for pelvic floor muscle health treatment table

How does it work? During an appointment with your pelvic floor physical therapist, an electrode can be connected to your muscles. At Brix Wellness, we have options for either superficial electrodes to be placed on the skin near the bottom or an internal probe Then you can practice lying down, sitting, or standing as you turn your muscles on and off. Your physiotherapist will guide you to work toward your goals and give you tips and feedback. Then, you can use this information to set up a plan and your home program.

Interested? Want to improve your bladder, bowel, or sexual health? Book with Meggan Oliver, pelvic floor physical therapist, today, and to learn more about biofeedback for pelvic floor health!

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