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What is Clinical Counselling?

Clinical counselling (also known as counselling, therapy, or psychotherapy) is a place where a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) provides professional, confidential, and compassionate support and guidance to individuals facing a wide range of personal, emotional, and psychological challenges. It is the job of an RCC to create a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, as well as empower them through techniques and interventions to manage and overcome difficulties, gain insight, navigate mental and physical health concerns, develop effective coping strategies, enhance overall well-being, and foster personal growth and greater self-awareness.

In being dedicated to helping others through active listening, empathy, and evidence-based therapeutic techniques, an RCC strives to establish trust and rapport with clients to facilitate their journey toward positive, meaningful change and self-discovery.

Individual therapy is tailored to clients’ specific needs and goals. Thus, clients will work collaboratively with an RCC to develop an individualized treatment plan that best suits their desired or preferred outcome. A few examples of the issues a client may bring to therapy include working through past trauma or traumatic experiences, addressing various moods (e.g., anxiety or depression), exploring challenging emotions, improving sense of self (e.g., self-esteem, efficacy, confidence), unpacking relationship issues, or developing healthy coping mechanisms. The objective of counselling is to move you towards engaging in more positive relationships with yourself and with others.

Clinical Counselling Brix Wellness

How do I know if counselling is for me?

Simple, counselling is for everyone! At some point in each and every individual’s life, they will need counselling support. However, many people do not access it for a variety of reasons, including the absence of an extended health plan, a lack of understanding of what counselling really is, uncertainty about how to find the right counsellor, etc. Much like finding a partner or a best friend, finding the right counsellor tends to be a trial-and-error process until you stumble upon someone that is the right therapeutic fit for you. Unfortunately, many people quit their search before this happens.

Fortunately for you, here at Brix, we try to make your search for a counsellor as painless and easy as possible. Our counsellor, Luciano, offers a free consultation so that you have a chance to decide if he is the right fit for you without having to pay anything nor make any commitments. If you are interested in learning more about counselling or Luciano, please visit our “Meet the Team” page, where you can also book your complimentary meet and greet!


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